The Blues Brothers – Sequences

Blues Bros, Los Angeles 1979 “Blues Bros Sequence”

By this time, I had been filming my sessions for 6 years and was excited by the opportunity to capture my session with these outstanding physical comedians.

However, my cameraman walked into my studio already filming without waiting for permission and John angrily shut him down. The session ended up being

one of the most innovative experiences of my interaction with artists. Soon after, I got a call from John, apologizing for having missed such an amazing

opportunity by not filming and 2 years later, he asked for another session, this time with his wife, Judy.


Category Photo Prints
Artwork year 1979
Size 50.8 x 60.9 cm
Medium Archival prigment prints produced from the original drum-scanned negatives on an acis-free, 100% cotton rag fine art paper
Edition Multiple editions
Impression 50
Keywords Norman Seeff,The Blues Brother,James Belushi

Price CHF 5'500.00

Additional Sizes & Prices
Print Size 76.2 cm x 83.4 cm CHFR. 8’500.–
Print Size 96.0 cm x 111.8 cm CHFR. 11’000.–

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