TOMMY CLUFETOS used Drum-Kit “Black Sabbath Reunion Tour 2012 – 2014

A custom DW kit finished in Liquid Black Lacquer with black nickel hardware, played by TOMMY CLUFETOS during the BLACK SABBATH REUNION TOUR starting in 2012 and ending in 2014.

The special-order kit consists of the following shells:

two 15″ by 24″ kick drums
a 16″ by 18″ foor tom
a 15 1/2″ by 16″ floor tom
a 9″ by 13″ rack tom
a 13″ by 16″ concert tom
a 12″ by 15″ concert tom
a 6″ by 14″ snare
two 18″ by 6″ rata toms
two 16″ by 6″ rata toms
two 14″ by 6″ rata toms
two 12″ by 6″ rata toms
and two 6″ by 7″ rata toms
Also included are the following Meinl cymbals within a branded canvas cymbal bag:
a Custom Shop 22″ ride cymbal
two MB20 20″ Rock China cymbals
four MB20 19″ cash cymbals
MB20 15″ hi hat top and bottom
and a cowbell

Togehter with DW hardware, a Zildjian 39″ gong and a copy of Edge magazine, issue 11


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Keywords Custom DW kit finished in Liquid Black Lacquer,TOMMY CLUFETOS, BLACK SABBATH REUNION TOUR

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